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Mon, Dec. 26th, 2005, 12:06 am
seer_in_shadows: Shelter

Title: Shelter
Author: Seer_in_Shadows
Pairing: MarikXRashid
Rating: NC-17
For: SDW
Disclaimer: I don't own YGO

Shelter from the darkness of my soul lives in the arms of my guardian…

The wind ran over Rashid’s shaven scalp, playing in the one remaining lock of black hair teasingly. He gunned the motorcycle a little faster, knowing that his master was waiting for him.

They were staying in a large mansion in America, where Marik was overseeing the development of this branch of his Rare Hunters. America was the centre and hotbed of Duel Monsters, given that it was the home of the late Pegasus J. Crawford. And that meant that Marik wanted to make sure that this branch of his organization was running perfectly.

Steering the bike perfectly up the winding driveway of the old house, Rashid steered his mind away from the many excesses and evils his foster brother had perpetrated over the years. As time had passed, Marik’s lust for revenge had deepened, becoming more and more obsessive. He wanted the Pharaoh dead.

Not a day didn’t go by that Rashid didn’t curse Shadi, the ghost of the head of his clan, for telling Marik that fateful day that it had been the will of the Pharaoh that had caused his father’s death. Especially when it was not true - but he dare not tell his beloved master that. Marik was unstable enough, as he’d had plenty of opportunity to find out.

Pulling up to the door, Rashid abandoned the motorcycle and strode inside the building. He knew where Master Marik would be - in his inner sanctum. No one challenged him; everyone knew the trust in which the Master held him.

“Master.” Rashid bowed before Marik, going to one knee, hand over his heart. Marik was, unusually, not wearing his robes. Instead, he openly wore the crown of the Pharaoh, along with his ornaments, a simple linen wrap around his hips. In his right hand he carried, as always, the Sceptre of Authority, the Millennium Rod.

“Rashid. Is everything in place?”

“Yes. Our spies have infiltrated the highest levels of Industrial Illusions. Very soon we will have total access to all their information systems, and perhaps even a back door to Kaiba Corp’s systems.”

“Excellent.” Marik sat on his throne -a large chair of dark stone he carried with him everywhere, the Eye of Ra hovering over his head in gold. “I have word that Kaiba Seto is about to launch a new tournament in Domino City - and that my sister is there.”

“Is it time then, Master Marik?” he asked.

“Yes. I have no doubt that my sister has told Kaiba about the God Cards - this tournament is doubtlessly a front to draw them out... but it will also be a gathering of some of the best duelists in Japan and the world... perhaps even Mutou Yugi.”

“Why are you so interested in that boy, Master?” Rashid had never been privy to this.

“Because he holds the Millennium Puzzle.” For a moment, Marik’s voice shifted octave, and his eyes narrowed as a smirk played across his lips. Licking a tongue across suddenly dry lips, Rashid realized that the Dark One, the one who had killed Marik’s father and almost killed Ishizu, was getting close to the surface again.

“Master?” Rising, he crossed the space between them. putting a hand on the other’s shoulder.

Marik blinked, lavender eyes widening again. “Sorry - I lost my train of thought there.”

“It’s alright. Did you get any sleep while I was gone?” He drew the other into his arms; Marik snuggled there, eyes closing contently.

“No... you know I can’t sleep when you aren’t here, Rashid. The nightmares scare me...”

“Shh..” Soothing his master, Rashid lifted Marik in his arms and carried him out of the room, into the bedroom behind. “You should rest then.”

“Stay with me?” Marik’s eyes were wide and pleading. “I can’t... the voice is so close right now...”

“Of course I will stay, Master.” Gently, Rashid helped Marik with his jewelry and clothing; the boy always slept naked, and usually on his stomach - a nervous habit from when the scars had been carved into his back. After Marik was settled in, he found a chair and pulled it beside the bed.

“Rashid...I’m cold.”

“I can find you more blankets, Master.” The house was old and didn’t have the best of insulation - and neither of them had become accustomed to the damp chill of the northern hemisphere.

“No...” Wide lavender looked lost and lonely in the dimness. “I’m cold... and lonely. Sleep with me?”

Smiling, the older man nodded, stripping to his loincloth and climbing into the bed. This had been a common occurrence since Marik’s parents had died... his master needed the comfort, and Rashid was happy to provide it.

Settling on his back, he watched as Marik shifted over to use his broad chest as a pillow. “Goodnight Master.”

“Goodnight.” Marik yawned and snuggled down, one hand around Rashid’s waist, the other clutching the Rod like a teddy bear.

---- ---- ----- ---
Rashid woke suddenly, body stiffening as he tried to identify what had disturbed him. A low moan sounded in his ear, and the body half on top of him moved, shifting against his thigh. Something warm and hard rubbed against his skin, and the moan got louder. Marik was having a wet dream.

He froze; this wasn’t the first time it had happened - after all, Marik was a young man, with all the urges of a young man. It would pass, and he would get up to clean himself off so that his master wouldn’t be embarrassed by such things.

“Rashid...” Lavender eyes, glazed with sleep and lust, flickered open. “Ahh... feels good...”


The rubbing got harder, more frantic. “Please... so good... more...” he whispered. “Rashid... more...”

This was past bizarre... why would Marik be calling his name? He moved slightly away - despite the half-open eyes, Marik could not possibly be awake... it must be visual impulses mixing with the dream.

Hard fingers buried themselves into his thigh. “No... don’t... more, I want you to take me...” Marik cried out, seed jetting over the bed and Rashid’s thigh. As he slowly settled back into slumber, eyes drifting closed, a shocked Rashid pondered over what he had heard.

Sliding out of the bed, he went to the ensuite to wash the white liquid off his leg, mind still turning over the possible meaning of Marik’s actions in his mind.

Suddenly, steel hard hands grabbed his shoulder, bending him over the sink. Cool metal ghosted over his throat - the blade of the Millennium Rod. Rashid looked up to see something he had prayed never to again... the Dark One smirking down on him, pinning him in place with inhuman strength. The blade across his throat forced his chin up; he watched in the mirror as the other moved behind him, untying his loincloth. Feeling something soft and hot rubbing over his anus, Rashid gasped and jerked, ignoring the blade to spin around...

There was no one there. He swallowed, feeling his throat. Nothing. No trace or cut. It must have been an illusion, a waking dream brought on by his confusion.

Though that didn’t explain the pool of white cloth around his ankles.

Nettled and uncomfortable, Rashid

He walked back into the bedroom, laying down again, feeling Marik curl up on top of him, though he was wide awake now. Did his master feel that way about him? As a lover? If so, why had he said nothing?


He looked down at wide lavender eyes. “Yes, Master Marik?”

“Why did you leave?”

“Um...” He paused, not sure what to say. “Because... I didn’t think you...”

“I was awake, Rashid... it felt so good... and I want you that way.”


“Are you going to deny me this, Rashid?” he whispered, lips drifting to the skin of his neck.

“Master...” Rashid’s body shifted, body moving as he felt his cock twitch at the husky sound of his foster brother’s voice. “This is wrong...”

“Why?” Marik’s fingers moved in a slow pattern over Rashid’s skin. “Because we’re foster brothers? We share no blood, Rashid... is it because we are both male? Or because you are older than I?”

“N...no.” Those hands were driving him to distraction.

“Then why?” A wet, warm tongue flickered over a darkly tanned ear.

“Because...” It was hard to think with waves of pleasure running over him.

“That is no reason.” Marik murmured. “You swore to obey me, Rashid. Please, don’t deny me this.”

“Master...” The warm lips descended on his and he was lost. His hand came up of their own volition, caressing soft skin as Marik arched over his body.

Clever fingers worked at his skin, driving all rational thought out of his mind. This was wrong, so very wrong - so why was he arching into Marik's touch, moaning like a woman? He melted into the kiss, opening his mouth to Marik's tongue. They duelled, tongues dancing and tasting. He could feel his body responding to the taste, to the sight of his naked lover's perfection, to the smell of his musk on the air.

Sweat beaded the golden form as Marik knelt over him, leaning to take his nipple in his mouth. He had never been with anyone, man or woman... but he could do this; for Master Marik. And for what he perceived now to be a warning... take what was offered or have it taken by the darkness that lived behind those bright lavender eyes.

"Marik..." he moaned as the younger man started licking at his thick, hard manhood. He keened as Marik's bold tongue explored, finding the sensitive spots and the areas that gave him the most pleasure. Warm lips covered sensitive skin and he almost came on the spot. His fingers wove into the pale gold silk of Marik's hair, needing something to hold onto. Pleasing himself never felt this good...
He had to do something... something to please Marik as he was being pleasured. Gently he tugged at Marik's hips, shifting them around until he lay under his masters hard and dripping manhood. He could hardly believe that Marik had just come... the golden skin was soft under his questing touch, and he felt Marik moan. He ran his fingers along the underside of the long, slender shaft before taking it into his mouth.

He touched the tip with his tongue, hearing Marik keen and feeling the vibrations around his own cock. Finding the taste pleasant - salty-sweet, and tasting of the fruits his master enjoyed so much - he sucked the other deeper, teasing the slit and the head with his tongue.

Marik hummed, taking his cock halfway down and sucking lightly, his hand working the rest of the organ. Rashid squirmed under him, needing to thrust but not wanting to choke his master either. A naughty hand played with his balls, teasing his scrotum; little lights flashed behind his eyes and his head dropped back, arching as pleasure shot through him. He was going...

And he could feel Marik's balls tightening...

"Master..." he breathed, and took Marik as deeply as he could.

They exploded at nearly the same moment; Rashid had never felt anything so wonderful, so perfectly right. The world stopped spinning as he sucked down the essence of his lover and master, some dribbling out of the corners of his mouth.

He knew nothing after that until the sensation of his chin being licked brought him out of the daze.

"Thank you." Marik whispered. "I love you, Rashid."

"And I you, Master Marik." He wrapped his arms around the younger man. “I will always keep you safe.”

Mon, Dec. 26th, 2005 08:50 am (UTC)

lj-cut, please.

Mon, Dec. 26th, 2005 11:11 pm (UTC)
seer_in_shadows: Um...

I would if I could, but I have no idea how. *blushes*

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aquaocean: Re: Um...

You did it anyway.

Mon, Dec. 26th, 2005 05:30 pm (UTC)

Very enjoyable. The situation that you bring them into the bonding is perfect.